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At the age of 25, Dana faced a turn of events that would change her life forever, a violent and unprovoked attack at the hands of a disturbed woman. Dana’s attacker had been stalking her for months, jealousy motivated by a completely delusional and false belief that Dana was involved with her estranged husband. During the early hours of February 16th, 2012, the woman broke into Dana’s apartment with a male accomplice, doused Dana with methylated spirits and set her on fire whilst laughing and watching her burn alive, causing horrendous third degree burns to 64 percent of her body and face. Within seconds, Dana’s former life, her physical functioning, her independence, her goals, and dreams were ripped away. The destruction caused to Dana’s body and face was unimaginable, the pain that she endured was indescribable. Upon admission to the hospital, Dana was placed in a coma for 10 days, after which she woke to face the horror of what had been done to her. This is her story now living as a Survivor, International Author, Keynote Speaker and Health Practitioner.

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